Your hiking hotel in Merano and environs

in the Ulten Valley

With the HI.Stay Hotel St. Pankraz in the Ulten Valley you are making a good choice. The Ulten Valley has not only retained its scenic beauty, but also much of its originality. The villages are small and friendly, the hiking possibilities are varied. There are also numerous possibilities for mountaineers and mountain bikers.


Erwandern Sie die schönste Ecke Südtirols.

Hike the most beautiful corner of South Tyrol.

In our hectic times, the journey on foot offers an extremely varied compensation for stress, lack of movement, remoteness from nature and social isolation. Once you have experienced the pleasant mixture of experiencing nature, physical activity, mental relaxation, freedom of movement and human community, you will want to enjoy it again and again. The experience of a beautiful landscape alone leaves behind verifiable physical effects – it calms the pulse and blood pressure. 


Nature trail Eschenlohe

Flora and fauna, culture and history Easy hike to Eschenlohe Castle in the Ulten Valley. The path leads directly from the Hotel St. Pankraz to the Linserbild and then slightly downhill to the Kirchbach. Further on to the Moarhofwaal and on a level path through a Mediterranean deciduous forest. Past the edges of meadows and woods, lined by the traditional Ulten fences, the trail leads slightly uphill to the “Holznergraben”. Via an access road and through a beech forest you reach Holzneregg.

Ultner Höfeweg

This long, but only slightly different hiking route begins and ends in the hamlet of Kuppelwies near the Zoggler reservoir. From there it leads only a little above the valley floor partly through meadows, partly through forest from farm to farm. Soon it goes slightly up and down, but mostly level. We pass the village of St. Nikolaus and finally reach St. Gertraud, the innermost Ulten village, from where the Ulten farm path leads us out of the valley on the shady side, again past farms, in between also for a longer time through resin-scented coniferous forest and past the Klapfberger waterfall.



Golfing in the middle of picturesque orchards. (15 minutes drive from the hotel).

The 9-hole course in Lana is generally considered to be a pleasant course to play, as there are no major differences in altitude, making it suitable for older players.

Due to its length of 2,793 meters (PAR 35) this course is considered a relatively long course by South Tyrolean standards, which demands length and precision in the strokes even from the experienced golfer.